Access to Linode managed DBs?

PAWS PDP is currently using PG in a container. I’ve seen that Linode is now supporting managed DBs. Is this something that would be available for projects running on the CfP clusters?


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@Cris theoretically yes—if there’s a strong case to be made for using them. They are quite pricey though and don’t really offer much in the way of features beyond what we have established patterns for providing to container-deployed databases already. We actually can do hourly backups while Linode’s managed DBs only do daily.

They don’t offer autoscaling or anything like that, it’s really just a managed VM of selected size. So if a Code for Philly database workload DID need to graduate from a container to a dedicated VM, this might be the best way to do it so we could put off having declaratively non-Kubernetes infrastructure resources in the mix.

Are you running into any specific issues with the container-hosted database right now, or anticipate any?

While our account is sponsored by Linode we still want to be mindful of running up the bill excessively. So if there’s a sound case we can do it but we don’t want to throw them at every need for a database.

Completely concur with @chris here… I don’t see a lot of independent value in the managed database option, and deploying them would make it tougher for us to maximize our resource utilization efficiency. I would probably want to see a reasonable justification before provisioning one.

We’re looking ahead to delivering the project as a product to PAWS and the team going their separate ways. We saw a managed db as a simplification for whoever might get called in for future support. We’ll look in other directions. Thanks.

The current setup is aligned with what Code for Philly is setting up to provide long term support for via a central ops team