Food for weekly hack nights

So pizza is great, but maybe not every week? Please share any suggestions for healthy (or sufficiently delicious) food choices/vendors that we could feed 30-40 people with for $200-300


It’s mostly seasonal right now, but I’m sure they offer normal food this time of year as well (sandwiches, salads, etc.).

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So I was thinking more about this at our meetup last night, and it would be great to get a semi-permanent food sponsorship. Below are some ideas of possible sponsors. They seemed to be good matches either based on a stated commitment to community, some connection with N3rd street and/or tech, as well as healthy eating options. One remaining question would be, what does it mean to have any one of these orgs as a sponsor? What do we want from them and what do we have to offer?

Whole Foods
food (shrinkage?) that we can make
UForage people
catered food (as one of their nickels for nonprofits)
local vendors program/food demos

Everything Fresh
new, “experimental” grocery store
could be an opportunity to help bring them attention
they use ipads to show the price of things!

MOM’s organic market

N3rd ST Farmers market/Greensgrow/Philly Food Works

Cedar Point Bar and Kitchen

The Food Trust

Center City District

That last one looks like a great option (herban quality eats)

I don’t think n3rd st farmers market would work as the vendors are all independent and wouldn’t get much out of contributing inventory for the n3rd st brand, it would also all be pretty raw food and we’d need someone to prepare it

I think the newfangled food delivery/meals services would be the best bet as they have the volume and marketing need. 20-40 people weekly will be a tall ask though. Maybe it could be a partial sponsorship (e.g. we only pay cost) or we get ~4 sponsors and each does 1 week a month?