HackIoT Hackathon DECEMBER 8 - 9 2017 at Drexel University Innovation Studio

Come join us:

  • If you are interested in Internet of Things technology, join us. (No experience required).
  • If you are on a team, at a start-up or in an enterprise setting, that is aggressively pursuing IoT applications, join us.
  • If you are interested in devices, sensors, modules, network servers APIs and application servers, join us.
  • If you are interested in integrating IoT hardware and software, join us. (Background in any hardware or software is welcome.)
  • If you are interested in the business of IoT, from start-up to enterprise, municipalities and in the community, join us.
    You will take a package of IoT hardware and software and create solutions for your environment, your community, your home, your city, your factory or business.

We’ll get you up to speed with new technologies and create applications that interact with sensors.

You will leave with greater understanding of the technologies involved, end-to-end IoT solutions, data and workflow.

Details & Registration Here: https://nvite.com/HackIoT/w31jdw

Be sure to register soon registration is limited to 50 hackers. A waiting list will be implement so if you register & can not attend be considerate & cancel so that a fellow hacker can attend.

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Technical.ly just did a nice preview for this event: https://technical.ly/philly/2017/11/20/tinker-lorawan-hackiot-hackathon/