I write English

Hi folks—

I’m a writer/photographer/designer guy who just moved to Philly from Lancaster, Pa. I enjoyed my first Code meeting tonight. Had a nice conversation with Bill about learning UX stuff and helping with projects that could use copy writing or editing. Looking forward to it!

I’m also looking for paid communications-related work, especially for arts, education or social service nonprofits. If you come across someone I should talk to or an organization I should check out, please let me know.


Lowell Brown

Hey Lowell!

Thanks for putting this up. Feel free to find anyone on the leadership team next time you’re at Code for Philly, we can always use writing help with the group :slight_smile:

We also have a Slack channel that might have more activity. Let me know if you want to get in there, and I’ll get you an invite.

See you soon!

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