Looking for a project!

Hello All,

My name is Zachary and I am brand new to Code for Philly. My background is in civic journalism. So what does that mean for you? I have strong interpersonal and research skills. I’m a great communicator and visual storyteller. I can be a one-stop-shop for any and all of your media and production needs! I look forward to meeting more and more members each week and learning how I can help your projects in anyway I can.

Zachary Rendin

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Hey Zachary! Did you ever find a project to work on? I have a few ideas if you’re still interested…

Hi Zach,
I am in need of some serious help trying to build a sponsorship website. that sound interesting?


My name is JD and I too am looking for a project. Microsoft Excel is my favorite programming language… just kidding.

You might have seen me be incredibly late to Kathryn’s CartoDB workshop (which seemed pretty good). I did very little networking there with others as I was both embarrassed and astute for entirely missing the ball with my first meeting. However, I still remained to be determined somehow.

My main bundle of skills surrounds Linux, servers, networking, and implementation stuff; I would consider myself some sort of systems administrator. However, I am becoming increasingly familiar with Python, Ruby (and also Rails), JS, and MySQL as I sharpen up my dev skills. The deal is that I have my head wrapped around most basic programming concepts, but I haven’t spend enough time putting it under my fingers to call myself someone that knows his way around. While I do not consider myself the most relevant person in this group, let me know if you need an extra set of hands.

<3 JD

Oh geez I just saw this! I was the OP.Am I too late, Decomposite? Did you find a project?

I have an idea I need a programmer/partner to work with. Actually I
have a few ideas but one that I like the most right now. It would make
money AND be good for the planet.

Also I am a student at Fox Business School… doing a degree in
Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship so I know how to get the
business off the ground. I have been working as a graphic designer for
10 years, I have a degree in Illustration, and U/X experience. So I have
those aspects covered. I just need software engineers!

I don’t know if I should put the project here or wait to see if anyone DMs me? My email is foxycoxy@gmail.com.
The idea is a foodsharing app for leftover restaurant and catering
food. There will be two apps- one for buyers and one for sellers, and it
might need some mapping element because caterers are sometimes in
private home and change locations a lot.

Anyway, I hope to hear from someone!