Looking to help with a project

Hi there,

My name is Derek Kenney, and I’m looking to help with a project. I’m mostly a .NET / C# developer for my day job. I’m interested in Python, NoSql, Elasticsearch projects. Subject areas I’m interested in are politics, cycling, and public health.


Hey Derek, welcome! I saw you also RSVP’d to the next hack night. That’ll be a good place to seek out active projects–we have a lot of cycling and political projects:]

Hi Derek,
Did you everfind anything? I am new to this in every possible way but am trying to build a sponshoship website for athletes . Kinda a mix between charitymiles, mapmyrun, and gofunme. Think you could help?

Hello, I am new to cody for philly. My programming specialties are java, C++, html/css/javascript, and a little bit of python. I am entering my senior year at Ursinus College as a computer science major and would love to get my hands on some more experience before I graduate. Let me know if anyon needs help with any projects.


Hi Jghaul729! Hi Derek! Anyone who wants to start a project that will make money and ALSO help the city/planet/people.

I have an idea I need a programmer/partner to work with. Actually I have a few ideas but one that I like the most right now. It would make money AND be good for the planet.

Also I am a student at Fox Business School… doing a degree in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship so I know how to get the business off the ground. I have been working as a graphic designer for 10 years, I have a degree in Illustration, and U/X experience. So I have those aspects covered. I just need software engineers!

I don’t know if I should put the project here or wait to see if anyone DMs me? My email is foxycoxy@gmail.com. The idea is a foodsharing app for leftover restaurant and catering food. There will be two apps- one for buyers and one for sellers, and it might need some mapping element because caterers are sometimes in private home and change locations a lot.

Anyway, I hope to hear from someone!