Operations Engineer Opening at Azavea

About Us

Azavea is a civic technology firm that uses geospatial data to build software and data analytics for the web. We’re excited about what we do, we’re growing, and we hope you will join us.

Azavea is based in Philadelphia, and we are looking to grow our Operations team to support new cloud computing operations capacity. Azavea both builds custom web apps and SaaS in several civic domains, including: climate change, urban ecosystem management, public safety, watersheds, and elections.

About You

We’re looking for an Operations Engineer (devops) who enjoys the intricacies of deploying and scaling an application as much as building it. We are looking for a person that is passionate about building and operating software that will have a positive impact –someone interested in public service, but not necessarily in working for a government or a non-profit organization, and someone who enjoys working in a variety of technology environments.

About the Job

Half of our colleagues are software engineers and most of the rest are fairly technical, so we don’t have a lot of traditional IT support requirements, but much of our work is increasingly based on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, and we believe that investments made in automated deployment and management processes are important to improving productivity, software quality and user experience. In addition, over the past year we have deployed three new SaaS products, OpenTreeMap, Cicero, and HunchLab, that are based on AWS. These new products rely on auto-scaling, EC2, VPC, S3, SWF, RDS and other services and APIs. While our software developers are all experienced with AWS, as more of our customers rely on these new SaaS products, we are interested in expanding our capacity to research, monitor, optimize, and adapt our infrastructure to changing conditions.

Find out more and apply here: http://grnh.se/j1b6i7