Ready to fix democracy? is a non-profit, non-partisan website we’re building where voters and politicians can connect without advertising dollars getting in the way. In order for democracy to work properly, voters need to know what they are voting for and politicians need to know what their constituents want them to do. Unfortunately, with local papers dying left and right, and politicians spending millions on image based advertising, there is no way for this to happen. But we can fix this. VoteWise is designed to create manageable two way communication through multiple choice answers, informative essays, and online debates. And it’s absolutely free, so anyone with a great idea can run for office and have a good chance of winning - whether it’s for school board or eventually for President.

But we need help. And unfortunately, we can’t afford to pay for it. But if it takes off, the site could become huge and would be great on a resume. And really…If we can fix democracy, the rest of the problems with the world become that much easier.

We need people who know PHP, HTML, Javascript, and Phalcon (Phalcon is very similar to Lauravel, but runs faster)

Please contact me if you are interested.


Hey! That was my idea! (as but I like even better. I’d like to see it expanded to go worldwide so that any country interested can use it to track votes, candidates and funding. I intend to try and volunteer at a local level on this to see if there are ways I can help us track our politicians and keep them accountable. I was ready to spearhead this but given my own severe limitations I’m glad i found the group looking to take on this task. Let’s fix this democracy. It’s almost too late but maybe it’s really just in the nick of time. I’m so glad I found this, feeling excited about it.

Hey @SpencerSnygg did you catch @Philadelus’ post above?

@Philadelus – the votevise team is working together pretty regularly now at Code for Philly’s weekly workshops, come on out and join the team!