Starting website, In need of help!

Good Evening to Whom It May Concern,
I am a Junior at Drexel and currently trying to build a web-site for athlete sponsorship by friends/family/whoever they can get. I have run into several problems the largest being, I can find places to build the web-site but I don’t know if what they are giving me is what I need or want, and secondly processing of Credit Card payments. I have little to no experience with coding and am not sure where to begin with these. I have found a good place to set up a domain would be Go Daddy and I can use BrainTree Payments for card processing but I do not understand how to integrate Braintree in, how to work it, and if GoDaddy has everything I am looking for.
I am hoping to talk to someone and hopefully get some help in developing this web-site to be all that I imagine. Please let me know if we can find a time to meet and talk.

The web-site would be a combination of CharityMiles, MapMyRun, and GoFundMe. Like athletes get people to sponsor them per mile per event it would be a blog space for athletes like myself, to blog and post about their training and workouts. Then friends/family could go on a chose to sponsor them for whatever choice of change they want, per mile accomplished. The money raised would then be donated, at least to being with, the Michael J Fox Parkinson’s Fund. the site would start as me and a goal to be decided in a time line decided, but I believe it has so much potential to become something huge like CharityMiles, MapMyRun, and GoFundMe. As each athlete joins they could choose to donate to a cause that is special to them.