Workshop venue/sponsor suggestions

Post your suggestions for venues that can host future workshops here and/or entities that might sponsor our workshop food, whether you have a connection to the organization or just think it would be cool.

We prefer locations within walking distance from one of Philly’s major transit lines (MFL/BSL). Ideally it’s a nonprofit or city agency we can learn something from, or a commercial company/workspace that can sponsor our food while we’re there and maybe give a brief talk on their area of expertise. Quick recruiting or product pitches are acceptable from someone paying for our food but we’re not wanting for space enough to allow commercial pitching from an entity that’s only bringing use of their space to the table.

I just came from visiting Venturef0rth and they have a beautiful space for events. I highly recommend reaching out to Marvin.

String Theory Schools is the perfect place for an event. Recently host to the MBK Hackathon, the facilities and technology are incomparable.

1600 Vine Street
Philadlephia, PA 19102

contact: or @stringtheoryedu