How to Start Learning Programming?

Hello Everyone,

I am college passout student and I am start learning programming but I am confused how to start it and which programming language is better to start learning coding. I attended an Android workshop in college, even without knowing the basics of Java. It wasn’t surprising that most of it went beyond my understanding at that time. Anyone guide to me?

Hi Arjun,

Very first step after passing out or before passing out, just check Do you have interest on programming, if you have, then start with basic programming languages, C++ and others Here are the steps through you can learn to programme.

  1. Get the basic knowledge about any programming languages.
  2. Start grasping everything about data structure & Algorithms.
  3. Get your hands dirty with competitive programming.
  4. Start working on a project.
  5. Once you are confident about your programming skills and have made some projects, you should now go on to explore the various domains of Computer Science and see what fascinates you the most.

Computer Science is a vast and rich field, with many interesting sub-fields. Some of the popular domains of Computer Science are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cryptography, Cloud Computing, Systems Programming, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Web Development, Mobile App Development, and many more. You should try to explore as many fields as you can so as to know where your interest lies.

Nowadays, there are plenty of online resources to study any of the above-mentioned fields. But with a plethora of available resources, it’s difficult for a beginner to find a great tutorial out of so many options. Whatever is your interest, you can find the best tutorials, recommended by the programming community, for that language/framework on Apart from the tutorials and courses, you can also find the best books and exercises/projects/ practice-problems on Hackr.

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Thanks @rohanjoshi0894 giving great information.