Upcoming Hackathons

As we all know Hackathons are in good supply for the next few months. Let’s post about upcoming hackathons here (in addition to other places like the site and FB group) and update with relevant info–changes in location/time, as new info becomes available (contests/judges), calls for help in organizing the event, questions, etc.

Just a few upcoming ones:

Philly {Codefest}
[Lady Hacks] 2

I’m sorry, I have to reply separately because new users can only post two links and we have a TON of hackthons:

[Women in Tech Summit] 3 (not technically a hackathon, but still awesome)
[Apps for Philly Democracy] 4

[Apps for Philly Health] 5
[Transportation Hackathon] 6

Another not-technically-but-kinda hackathon is the OSGeo Code Sprint going on next week. There’ll be people coming in from around the country and the world to work on core geo technology: http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Philadelphia_Code_Sprint_2015

I’ll post this on Facebook too if no one else has (I don’t remember).

This is pretty much the authoritative calendar for hackathons in Philly: http://ph.ly/hackathons

Technically Philly maintains it and they’ve invited us to help them keep it complete. Looks like they’re missing LadyHacks and OSGeo, I’ll send Catherine Sontag a note

Let’s definitely keep the discussion of Code for Philly’s hackathons going here though!